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A Beginners Guide to Judaism has been established with the sincere intention of providing guidelines and direction for people who are interested in discovering more about the basics of the Jewish religion as well as the way of life, from a secular viewpoint.

The purpose of the site from the editor’s view point is not in any way to provide any theoretical discussion on why people practice Judaism, or the extents that they take it to. Instead it is our intention to provide a basic set of guidelines on how to practice the basic code of beliefs and practices as laid out in the Tanakh.

The thinking is that people who follow Judaism, in either its most secular, reform, conservative or orthodox form are known as Jews. Each person is equal in the eyes of a true God, and the extent to which a person practices their religion is of their free choice.


The concept of modern Judaism is based around belief in a central authority who has laid down a code of practice contained in a series sacred texts and laws. These texts and laws have been written and interpreted by learned Rabbis and Judicial scholars who for thousands of years have helped the Jewish people to adhere to a number of principals and tenets.


In the second half of the Twentieth century, many members of the Jewish faith began to slowly drift away from their religion, which is a regrettable fact. The aim of my web site is to provide those people with insights into the Jewish circle of life,  with more of an emphasis  on how and a lot less in  why Jewish people celebrate the main festivals and observe the fast days, honor the Shabbat,  behave in Synagogue among others factors.


We believe that understanding the simple messages laid out within the Ten Commandments and acting upon them in day to day life will be more than enough to allow a person to be regarded as well as a regard themselves as being a decent and honorable human being as well as a good Jew.  
I hope that my web site will stimulate you and provide you with some insights into Judaism as I experienced while creating it!